Gambler sues casino for 20m euros (£15m

Gambler sues casino for 20m euros (£15m; $21m) win

The Gambler’s Paradise claims to be the oldest casino in the world, with a history dating back 1,000 years.

It says it is worth more than $3bn, and has more than 200 million customers.

A spokesperson said Casino Royale opened with $250 million in deposits before running out.

«We will get back to you in a few months’ time as we have been ordered to pay the gambling debts of Casino Royale,» they said.

Image caption The casino is managed by the Gambler’s Paradise

Tristan Schall, who wrote a history of the casino w바카라사이트hich was first published by 더킹카지노Rolling Stone magazine in 2003, said a court decision was imminent.

«It’s a legal matter, so we’re waiting for the court’s decision,» he said.

«They are also telling us they are in an economic crisis so as long as they don’t have the money to pay back the debts then they’ll go to court and argue that th더킹카지노e money should be returned.»

An investigation by the BBC’s Newsnight found the website advertised «a guaranteed prize of one million dollars if you beat the games» for 30 hours, but it was impossible to confirm how long that figure actually took.

There were reports of people losing everything on the casino, while some had already paid for their hotel and flights.

Earlier this year, the website’s owner, the US developer Colony 4U, revealed that it could no longer meet its obligations to repay the gambling debts.

An independent review of gambling laws in the UK by The Observer newspaper said: «This court decision should set an example to everyone involved who wants to keep their gambling businesses afloat.»

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