Medical group backs health shake up that targets HIV with’safer sex’ pill

Medical group backs health shake up that targets HIV with’safer sex’ pill

A drug group backed by the largest healthcare conglomerate in the US and several leading US pharmaceutical companies has said it is prepared to launch a trial of a new drug aimed at stopping people contracting the sexually transmitted HIV virus, called Truvada.

A spokesman for the largest group of drugmakers involved in the RCT said the drug trial was being conducted to answer «one big question: if we can stop people getting HIV, can we protect them?»

RCTs are in development in HIV treatment centres around the world to test drugs that have already been given safely by more traditional methods of delivery into people’s bodies in order to reduce the spread of HIV.

Dr David Koehl, the chief medical officer of Truvada, was speaking on Tuesday at a conference in London on a study that researchers plan to publish later this week. He said the results of the trial would show that Truvada could lower the spread of HIV by 80 percent.

The drug, approved in November of last year, contains a «new molecule that mimics the way the body reacts to sex in humans and the way it will react with HIV,» Dr Koehl told journalists.

The compound is called the «truvada-TIV» and it is being d바카라사이트eveloped by a company called Sanofi Semiconductors. The drug should have a half-life of four months.

T바카라사이트he study is to be led by a British HIV expert, Andrew Chan, and it will seek to assess the effectiveness of the drug on preventing people developing HIV and its impact on their long-term health, the spokesman said.

This 더킹카지노is not the first trial to show efficacy in preventing people from contracting HIV. In 2003 researchers at Harvard Medical School in Boston tried Truvada. That trial, led by David D. Hetzel, a professor at the Massachusetts General Hospital who was also one of the original trial organisers, had been widely panned by critics.

But Truvada does have a long track record of success: in its two-year development stage since its approval in November, more than 1.2 million people have been taken off Truvada and its benefits were well established.

The study will seek to find out whether Truvada is more effective than the currently recommended treatment, or a shorter-acting form of the drug called pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) which has since been shown to lower th

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